IMG_7341Family is Like Skin- Lesbians in Cambodia 6 minutes

This movie features long term lesbian couples who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide of the 1970s, as well as young activists who sometimes face societal discrimination. Many had never left their rural villages before. Unique considerations of Cambodian lesbians include the importance of family acceptance, staying with your family, and living in a Buddhist country where homosexuality is not criminalized. See more Stromberg’s movies here


Messenger Band records hit song for sex worker movie soundtrack

(Sex Workers Cry) Rights Not Rescue, the movie collaboration with Women’s Network for Unity (WNU -Cambodia) and Canadian filmmaker Paula Stromberg features the hit song, Sex Work is Work, by Messenger Band (MB).

Messenger Band (MB) is a group of garment workers who formed an all-female group of musicians (part of United Sisterhood Alliance) to carry messages about social justice. Shown above are members of Messenger Band and United Sisterhood during a performance tour.